New Jersey

Top Reasons You Should Visit New Jersey

Do you have some vacation time coming up in the near future? Thinking about planning a family vacation that will change your life? If this sounds like something that you are interested in, you need to check out the great state of New Jersey. Despite what you may have depicted about the state from the TV show “Jersey Shore”, there really are a lot of fun family activities that you can partake in. Below, you will learn why you should put New Jersey on the top of your vacation destination list.

The Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore is a basically a group of beaches. When visiting this spot, you will see miles and miles of blue water. You can pack a picnic and dine on the beach or partake in some water adventures such as swimming or sunbathing. It is best to visit the beaches during the summer months, because the water will be warm to the touch during this season only. However, this means it is probably also going to be the most crowded time of the year.


You cannot take a trip to New Jersey without checking out the boardwalks. On the boardwalks you will find tasty saltwater taffy, midway games, ocean breezes, and lots of carnival rides. If this doesn’t sound like an exciting family adventure, what does?

Old Lighthouses

You cannot resist beaches and boardwalks with lighthouses you will not be able to resist New Jersey, because it has tons of historic lighthouses that are open to public tours. Among of the most popular are the Twin Lights, East Point Lighthouse, and Barnegat Lighthouse. However, if you only have time to visit one, you really should make it the Cape May Lighthouse. After taking a tour of the lighthouse, you should check out the wildlife and wilderness in the state park that surrounds the lighthouse.

Check Out The Farms

If you want to take a day away from the beaches, you can always head down to the Delaware area of New Jersey. This is where the agriculture region is located. There are lots of different fund things you can do on the farms like make your way through a corn maze, partake in a hay ride, take a horseback ride, or pick fresh fruits and vegetables.

Atlantic City

There is probably a good chance that you have heard about Atlantic City. It is basically the Las Vegas of New Jersey. Here you will find twelve different casinos. Among some of the most popular are the Caesars, Tropicana, and Golden Nugget.